Friday, March 06, 2009

Tribute to Tim Conrardy

I just learned today that respected sound designer and electronic musician Tim Conrardy passed away. Tim's sounds have found there way into countless tracks I have composed. Whenever I am needing inspiration, I can load up any number of virtual synths and find "The TC Bank"...never fails to provide the needed inspiration. Recently, the release of Camel Audio's Alchemy synthesizer once again spotlighted his skills, and made me realize all over again just how talented Tim was.

I always found Tim to be a gracious and humble person. He always answered email questions and forum posts promptly and with a dignified patience not often prevalent on the internet. In addition to his sound design and production skills, he was a gifted composer. He frequently shared his work on KVR and elsewhere, and I always enjoyed his tracks, many times downloading them to the iPod for repeated listening.

In honor of Tim, I am re-posting this track I composed and posted some time ago which features one of his sounds prominently. It's the "TC Ozricky" lead guitar sound from the ManyGuitar VST. I used this same TC patch on another track found here.

Rest in peace, Tim.

direct download to the MP3 file here


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