Friday, May 14, 2010

Jamming on Indian instruments

I've always liked the sound of the "trademark" Indian instruments such as Tanpura, Sitar and Tabla.  Well at least since I was a youngster and first heard George Harrison experimenting with them to great effect.  So I was delighted last year when Native Instruments released their Kore Soundpack entitled "North India", which contained these and other Indian instruments.  I won't say they are "authentic" because, to be honest, I wouldn't really have any way of knowing!  But they advertise that they are, and they sure sound that way to me.

This track was just me experimenting with the three instruments that I mention above, and then layering in some more conventional western sounds....synthesized voices, electric guitar, drums, percussion and big Moog Synth bass.  I must warn you that this track doesn't really "go" anywhere, it just presents a few simple melodies and provides an ambiance that is a blend of eastern and western tonalities.

I tried to get my son Jonathan to "name that track" a few days ago in the car, playing him an earlier mix.  When he first heard the "vocal synth drone" part he said "Hey Daddy, that sounds like a bunch of Indian guys burping!".  Funny, but not a great title for the track.  I couldn't think of anything either, so I just stuck with my working title, which was "Jamming India".


here is a direct link to the mp3 for non-shockwave environments