Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cover Tunes with Dale

I recorded this cover tune of John Lennon's "Imagine" in late 2005, as a tribute to the untimely death of my best friend Dale Mansell.

This version of the Beatles "Rain" was recorded in 1995, with Dale doing all of the vocals, and me doing all of the instruments.

Click on one of the icons below to hear these two tracks:

Here is a photo of me and Dale from 2002, just prior to a Yes concert. Dale is on the left. I sure do miss him.


keebiedmg said...

John, you and Dale's voices are so similar it's almost spooky...
well done - the original version has a new meaning now, just as it should be...

Anonymous said...

I linked in from kvr... very nice cover of Imagine! You captured the piano sound and feel, the key to the song IMHO. Very good all around.


farmfolks_frannie said...

i have searched for info about dale for a couple of years, even tried to call but no answer.
i worked with dale for a while in north texas, when he was doing the physical therapy. i was the occupational therapist. i enjoyed meeting hime so much.
every once in a while i would get a call from him when he was out on the road during his days as the "atm" fellow in florida.
i heard thru friends he was sick, i no longer work in healthcare, have become a "stay at home grandma" and didnt really have access to that world much anymore, no one seemed to be able to tell me much.
i guess i'm glad to know something but i really wanted to believe that dale would beat this and that he would be okay.
thanks so much for posting the pic.
fran hooper

jana said...

I am Jana Neill. Helen and Sylvan Horne are my parents. I would love to give Helen a CD of some of Dale's recordings this fall. Any ideas? Thanks for putting "Rain" on your blog, I love it.

John Hagewood said...

Hi Jana,
thanks for your comments.
I only have a handful of recordings I made with Dale, and I gave Helen and Steve CD's with these tracks some time ago. I wish I had more!

terrym said...

John, I went to high school with Dale. I would recognize that smile anywhere. Wish I could have spoken with him one more time. Thanks for sharing this.


Paul Johnson said...

Thanks so much for posting this, John!