Monday, August 21, 2006

Peace (still in studio B)

click on the play button below to listen:

I discovered a program recently that is "old news" to lots of people, and I do mean "lots" as in this is probably THE most popular peice of music software in the world today. I'm talking about Propellerhead's Reason 3.0. This software is advertised not only as a "standalone music production environment" but also proported to be "very easy on the CPU" so I felt I should give it a try for "studio B". Well, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the factory sounds. But since I didn't want to sound like everybody else, I bought a few "ReFills" (which is what Propellerhead's calls the sound expansions for Reason).

One of the most impressive refills I got was by Sonic Flavours and it's called "Home Piano". This is one very unique and organic sounding instrument. to quote from their web site:

"The purpose of this refill was to make a less clean, not so perfectly pitched but warm sounding piano experience compared to everything that is on the market already. It's surely no substitute for all those great libraries but a nice addition for those who like a lively and warm, retroish sound.

Home Piano is great for anyone who needs to score a living room scene where someone is playing the piano. There have been too many movies where the sound didn't match the picture, our Home Piano however will do a great job in these situations."

I wrote this little piano ditty about a year ago and never finished it as a track. Home Piano seemed perfect for it. I then layered a synth pad, cello section, wind/flute section, acoustic guitar and string section into the arrangement (each of these instruments enters the mix as the song builds).

The night that I finished this track was the evening before I was to have surgery to have my defective and painful gall bladder removed. As with all surgeries, I knew there was a chance I would not be coming home, yet God gave me a sense of Peace about it...a sense that no matter what happened everything would be ok.

And of course it was. My bad gall bladder is gone and now I'm posting "Peace (At Home)" for you to hear.


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