Friday, May 11, 2007

Reasonable Persons

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I've been in San Francisco all week for the JavaOne conference. What a total geek-fest! To keep myself from totally geeking out every night afterward, I brought "studio B" with me. It didn't totally work, for instance, last night I was up late making JRuby on Rails and Prototype/Scriptaculous and Oracle do amazing things together (like present a list of data on my screen and make the list "grow" and "shake") with only a few lines of code. There are an awful lot of "hyper-enthusiasts" that are promoting Ruby on Rails in a very unreasonable manner, let me add. Yes, it can do a lot with fewer lines of code, no argument there, but time will tell how big of a dent in Java this language/framework makes over the long haul.

Anyway, I did manage to crank out this little ditty over the last few nights. For some reason, I was really in the mood to listen to the Alan Parson's Project the first few days I was here. Since I did at least an hour of walking every day, I listened to most of those CD's on my MP3 player...some more than once.

As I tried to compose, I found myself drawn toward "that sound". It usually starts with Electric Piano, bass and drums. It's usually in the key of A minor. His stuff is predictable, yet tasteful...and it holds up well to multiple listenings (heck, I've been listening to some of those albums since high school, such as "Pyramid" for instance).

Anyway, I did this track completely in Reason, and I didn't want to use Alan's last name, so I changed one letter....hence the title "Reasonable Persons".


Edit (July 17, 2008): Refills used:
1) Sonic Reality - Mello-T (choir)
2) Sonic Reality - Triple Guitars (12-string acoustic and electric gtr solo)
3) Sonic Reality - 60's & 70's (rhodes)
4) Sonic Reality - Film Orchestra (solo flute and wind section)
5) Sonic Reality - Triple Bass (bass guitar)
6) Sonic Reality - Pianos and Organz (B3 organ)
7) Sonic Reality - retro keys (minimoog solo)
8) Reason Factory Refill - drums
9) Sonic Flavors - Mystic Dream Pads #4 - synthesized strings


Steve said...

Transported my back to the days of my youth...

Keep 'em coming!


jimbojamz said...

That's a nice one John.
i like the "guitar" part, or what i think of as the guitar anyway.
it's pretty amazing what you can do on a computer now isn't it?

peace back to you

Delton said...

WOW! your good,but what refill is that?

John S. Hagewood (aka. Fragile Forest) said...

thanks delton. updated post with info on refills used.