Monday, January 18, 2010

Pulsation - first new track for 2010

Here is a happy little tune I tossed together in Ableton Live 8 the other night, using Rob Papan's Blue and Predator synths, joined by an Absynth5 pad sound processed through a trippy CamelSpace effect, Arturia's Arp 2600V and using the Roland TB-303 sounds from the Electronic Expansion for EZDrummer.

Ableton Live 8 is yet another contender in the "great DAW race" at Hybernation Music. I've have had a copy of Live "Lite" for years which I got for free with an audio interface. When Live Lite 8 came out last year I thought I would give it another try. Their integration with Propellerhead's Reason is very good, second only to Pro Tools 8, but their real claim to fame with "Live" is the "Session View", which is an interactive clip-based way of working that lends itself to spontaneity and the whole "DJ" thing. While the "DJ" thing interests me not in the least, I do always appreciate experimenting with other ways of working while composing which might produce ideas that otherwise wouldn't be realized, and Live 8 definitely offers that!

Ableton Live 8 Session View
Ableton Live 8 Session View

So I began this piece by recording several bubbly little pulsating parts into the Session View and chaining them together that way. As this evolved into no less than 5 of these parts coming and going, I then added the lead lines using the more conventional "Arrangement View" which works pretty much the way all the other "linear" DAW's do. Having used a very simple "guide track" for the electronic drums, I then had a great time auditioning various TB-303 patterns in EZDrummer and stringing my favorite ones together to create the finished drum part.

This whole process took about 3 hours, spread out over 2 nights.

I wondered after-the-fact if it needed a proper "bass part", but I didn't labor over the idea. I just decided to mix it down and get on with it. So here it is. I call it "Pulsation". Enjoy!

here is a direct link to the mp3 for non-shockwave environments

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