Saturday, April 16, 2011

Deep Space Music: "Lullaby"

Occasionally, I like to compose and record completely dreamy space-music tracks.  

Back in the early eighties, I began listening to a radio program on NPR call "Music From the Hearts of Space".  This program showcased the kinds of artists that created this style of music, long before "New Age" became a "genre".  I used to record the programs which aired very late on Sunday night, and then play them back at bedtime every night.  To this day, I still listen to this kind of music pretty much every night at bedtime!  And although I don't still follow the program, I understand that HOS is still very popular.

So occasionally, I start playing with a very dreamy, atmospheric synth sound, and something like this piece is born.  I call this one "Lullaby", and I hope you enjoy it!

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